Update: ECS and New Posts

Whew summer is over. I ended up being even busier over the summer than last spring. I’m working on a startup, which is fast-paced and rewarding, but it really is a time black hole (things a physicist wouldn’t say for $100). I worked on the project some over the summer, but when my hours devoted to this project are reduced, the first thing I cut are posts (sorry!). Posting is fun, the project is love.

My startup just launched so I will start posting again. Probably not once per week, but more than once per six months :).

The State of Things

I left off world generation at 3: Insolation. I’ve had the next 4 posts drafted (climate simulation, a lot of wind finagling) since nearly a year ago, but I wanted to improve the simulation and ran into some convergence issues that I wasn’t able to solve.

Then, as I mentioned before, I decided to redirect this project towards a playable game sooner rather than later. Accordingly, I’ve reprioritized and moved to Unity.

I built two things in my Unity project over the summer: an entity-component-system architecture and a super cool AI decision-making architecture based on the SOAR architecture (vastly simplified of course).

My next steps are to put content in the game so I can demonstrate the power of the systems (in cool gifs). The entity-component-system will come first. It may be some time before I have enough content to demonstrate the power of the AI system, though, so it that may not be ready for posting for a while. In the meantime, I’ll continue tweaking the world generation algorithm and when that’s finished I’ll continue that series of posts.

I’ll post the first ECS post (background info) on Thursday.

In other news, I thought for sure I’d have no visitors after not posting for a while. But I have more visitors than when I was posting! I’m the third result for terrain generation! Just below RedBlob! Hehehehahahaha