Hello! Welcome!

Hello and welcome to LeatherBee! Currently we (I?) are working on Difclone. Difclone is a little baby project who desperately wishes to grow up into a massive, unmaintainable one. Baby Difclone has two goals in life:

First, Difclone wants to be a simulation that maximizes the complexity and believability of its emergent behavior while minimizing the complexity of its systems.

Second, Difclone wants to be an infinitely replayable, open-ended, narrative-driven, and character-focused game.

These are lofty goals, but you know what they say. Shoot for the Moon and if you’re in an uninhabited area there’s practically no chance you’ll hit anyone.

Cool, how can I see it?

This blog will be mostly development updates. Every time I finish a major system or component, I’ll write it up and post it here. In addition to standard coding stuff, these dev posts will also contain some of the scientific background that I’m building my systems on. That means there will be an eclectic mix of topics, from tectonic plates to recent models of semantic memory. Here’s a sneak preview of the topics I’ll be posting about in the next few months: voronoi cells, tectonic plates, Perlin/simplex noise, climate simulation.

I won’t be open sourcing the code. Making babies is a very personal, private activity.

What’s your timeline?

I’m not sure. I’m a student, so my life plans are likely to vary significantly in the next few years. I’ll likely work on this project in sprints. Ideally I would space out my postings so my updates appear more regular than my work on the project, but there may be slow periods when I’m focusing on something else. I do care a lot about this project, though, so as long as I haven’t posted that I’m abandoning it, I can guarantee I’ll return to it.


Enough of that. Let’s dive right in: Arc 0: Pre-Entity World Gen.